© Photography by Joan Sigel
© Photography by Joan Sigel
© Photography by Joan Sigel
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Welcome to Metro DC Massage Therapy & Bodywork's new home on the web.  For those of you who already know me, thanks for visiting. Enjoy the site, and I look forward to seeing you soon.  For those of you who are just getting acquainted with me, I would like to extend my thanks for either following a link or a personal or professional recommendation.  My hope is that everyone will find some useful information here, so let's get started......

Life is about movement - be it physical,  physiological, emotional, mental, spiritual, or involving the movement of energy.

Bodies in movement are healthier and happier than those which are static.

You can think of movement in physiological terms, as in your breath or your circulation; or in terms of the types of movement your profession or hobbies demand, such as those found in dancing, playing an instrument, lifting (heavy) objects, cycling, hiking, swimming, using a computer or skiing (to name but a few); or you may think of movement in terms of how you navigate through your life and how your interactions with other people and the world impact you and those around you.  No matter how you're most comfortable relating to movement, it is always with you, and it occurs within an ever-present field of gravity.  And, as with any process, movement can sometimes become difficult, lacking in ease and fluidity, and/or painful.

Massage therapy and bodywork can assist you and your body-mind-spirit with re-discovering that place of balance, ease, flexibility, fluidity, strength, endurance and focus, while you do what you do best.

Emily "Incognito" Wessel; Director of Operations & Dancer, Urban Artistry
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